For Individuals

Criminal Defense

Every criminal charge is serious business, and every criminal defendant deserves zealous, vigorous representation at every stage of the process. We have experience defending criminal charges, and have reached positive resolutions for many of our clients. Get strong advice and a strong ally defending yourself against the State..

Estate Planning

Planning your estate may seem like a daunting topic that you can deal with in the future.  However, planning before the need arises will help you face the unexpected and give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for the future.  Early and frequent planning is crucial to making sure your assets and medical needs are handled according to your wishes.  We can help you select from a variety of tools and options to achieve your estate planning objectives.

Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing real estate is often one of the biggest investments an individual will ever make.  Whether you are buying or selling residential property, we are able to help you throughout the closing process.

Family Law

Family law matters are some of the most personal and stressful problems you will deal with in life.  You need an advisor with the patience, empathy, and skill to work through those problems with you.  Our family law attorneys can guide and advise you on the right steps to reach the best resolution available.  We have experience with divorce, child custody (including interstate child custody), and court order modifications. Stan Tupper, one of our principal attorneys, is certified by the State of Maine to represent clients in child protective and emancipation matters.

Protection From Abuse/Harassment

A PFH/PFA proceeding is like a very short civil litigation, but the consequences of a PFH or PFA order can be profound—particularly if it occurs in the context of a divorce or criminal defense.  We have experience in both prosecuting and defending PFH/PFA claims, and treat these case with the gravity and focus that they deserve.  We take a limited number of these cases on a pro bono basis for clients with reduced means. 

Legal Services for Pilots

Pilots and aircraft owners can face a variety of unique challenges on the ground, from properly structuring purchase and sale agreements to defending FAA enforcement actions.  Attorney Tupper, also an experienced seaplane pilot, is ready to help with:

  • Advice on whether or not an accident or incident must be reported
  • Responding to an FAA Letter of Investigation
  • Advice and formation regarding choice of entity for aircraft ownership
  • Aircraft or Hangar purchase and sale agreements
  • Defending against mechanic’s liens
  • Damage to your aircraft while at a maintenance facility
  • Personal injury
  • Aircraft co-ownership

For Businesses

Formation, Contracting & Transactions

Our attorneys practice general business and commercial law, and can find effective legal solutions at the right price for your budget.  Whether you are starting a new business, signing a new master services agreement, performing due diligence on a vendor, or acquiring an existing business, we have the patience and knowledge to help you take the right steps. 

Computer Forensics

Do you know what your employees are doing on their computers and mobile devices?  Employee fraud, waste, theft of intellectual property, and other wrongdoing can take a serious toll on a company.  If you have fired an employee for cause, want to fire an employee for cause, or suspect that an employee might be doing something that could hurt your company, it pays to investigate his or her computer.  Most of the time, you’d rather know about the problem before law enforcement shows up at your front door with a subpoena or a search warrant.  See our Computer Forensics page for more details on our corporate private investigation service offerings.

Business & Industrial Process Improvement

Sometimes what worked yesterday doesn’t work today—or might not work tomorrow.  Other times, a business can pass up profits and employee satisfaction by failing to use its resources in the most efficient way.  Businesses develop in unexpected ways, and the marketplace around them changes without warning.  Adjusting to new conditions requires disciplined first vision, then investigation and analysis, and finally bold decision making.  Our consultants have experience guiding businesses through change, with engagements including business analysis and process automation, industrial process improvement, data-based market analytics, cost savings, team coaching, and achieving company vision.