Computer Forensics

Expert Review For Litigation

Electronic Evidence is Becoming Increasingly Important in Litigation. Know the Implications of Electronic Evidence on Mobile Devices Related to Your Case or Defense. 

If you are involved in litigation that involves mobile electronic evidence, you need an expert who can properly extract, preserve, authenticate, and analyze that evidence.  You need someone who can understand, critically analyze, and effectively present that electronic evidence and deliver compelling testimony to a fact-finder.  We can advise you and your team about the use of electronic evidence in your case, including potential legal implications and different trial strategies.

We have powerful software that can extract important electronic data—even previously deleted data in some cases— related to your case, including:

  • Text Messages
  • Digital Photos
  • Geolocation Data
  • Timestamp Data
  • Phone Records
  • Voicemails
  • Locally Stored Emails
  • Web History

We can help you use these types of evidence in presenting your case or defense.

Proactive Investigations for Businesses

Your electronic safety is your own responsibility. Stay ahead of the curve.

Computer crime and other related wrongdoing by trusted users can take a serious toll on a business of any size — whether it is embezzlement, theft of sensitive information, or use of the business’s assets to commit serious crimes. But you can stay ahead of the curve by taking proactive steps to investigate your electronic assets to ensure you know of any problems as early as possible. We recommend that a business run a routine forensic investigation any time it releases an employee for cause or transfers an employee to a new role within the company. We offer conveniently priced, flat-rate proactive investigative packages, tailored to the needs of small to medium businesses who need to be sure they have all the right information at hand.

I.T. Services

Project Management and Business Analysis

Our involvement starts with the problem and ends with the solution. Along the way, we bring to bear whatever skill sets are needed—including, where appropriate, direct oversight and management of the project. Our team includes members with deep technical knowledge in software projects, and we have successful experience with I.T. business analysis and methodical project management.